• Brooke is my middle name, not my last.
  • I’m an introverted extrovert, but am always extroverted at weddings! 
  • Likes: pourover black coffee; The Office; traveling with Will; La Croix;
  • Dislikes: snakes; keurig coffee; florida drivers
  • Loves: honest human connection; meeting new people; grandmas on the dance floor
  • I’m easy going & aim for everyone I work with feel comfy, not nervous, and just enjoy the photo process.


I believe that you deserve the world on your wedding day, and I am committed to helping bring you just that. I want you to be fully present with your people; let me worry about the details. Be free, baby! I’ll think ahead for you. I’ll know your timeline by heart and keep us all on track.

Ultimately, I just want you and your boo to feel completely at ease. I'll make sure you don't feel awkward or unsure of what to do. I'll help bring out your personalities while we shoot so your photos feel natural. I'll get those important family photos, and all the candid, natural ones you're drawn to. I hope you look back on your images with so much love and light, and can only remember the butterflies you felt all day.


"Our engagement shoot was SO fun. My husband is not a big picture guy but even he had a good time. Ashtyn and her husband, Will, made the engagement shoot relaxed, easy, and genuinely fun. "

Riley and Zach

"I can not say enough good things about Ashtyn!! Her skills go above and beyond but so does her character! My fiance and I felt so at ease when having our picture done by Ashtyn. Like he actually had a really really great time! She made it so fun and so enjoyable and we both didn’t feel any pressure! It was like hanging out with a good friend!"

Liz and Alex

"I remember being nervous for our engagement shoot because neither of us had ever had professional photos taken and we were worried of feeling awkward/not knowing what to do. As soon as we got there my worries left me. Ashtyn was so fun! The photos were so natural and did not feel posed/staged/or awkward. She had us cracking up the whole time and we had a blast and felt so easy."

Mitch and Linea

"My fiancé really doesn’t like photos but Ashtyn and Will honestly made the experience fun for us, and we left wanting to be their friends!! We were so comfortable and felt like we were just hanging out on the beach. There was nothing awkward about it! PSA: it helped us immensely to have a MALE second shooter at our engagements photos. I know this made my fiancé more comfortable and it allowed for our photographers to show us what we should do rather than try to just explain it."

Kelsey and Parker