Naples Beach Engagement Shoot

These two!! They got engaged in the Keys and met me that week to celebrate and document this new time of their lives! I was so excited…and as always, the Florida summer storms were threatening to rush us if not cancel the whole thing. But knowing they were from out of town, I was ambitious to shoot as long as possible and give them the absolute most that I could! We were walking to the beach, watching lightning strike to our left…thinking “worth the risk?!” And I’m here to tell you it was WORTH THE RISK. We had a blast and laughed our butts off. And most importantly, no one was struck.

Thank you, Ryan and Lindsay for an unforgettable night and for being the sweetest, kindest, humans!! You two rock my socks.


ASHTYN!! These photos are absolutely beautiful! You really know how to capture emotion (specially joy!) and not just people! Can’t wait to come back and keep viewing your posts here. Your new website is bomb! 😀

Your work is absolutely beautiful! I’m so jealous of all your beach sessions too! Also, her dress is to die for!!

And girl you gave us more than we could have ever imagined!! This website showcases your talent perfectly, & shows that every photo you put out is literally flawless! I genuinely love the way you capture every couple, and their own beautiful love story!! All the hugs & love from us!

OKay this is my favorite one (on the first page). They’re adorable. also I creep your photos always.



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