Relaxed Boho + Outdoor Greenery Wedding Frankfort Kentucky

The thing about this wedding was that I was probably the least clued in about what to expect, and the MOST pleasantly surprised. Sidney and Austin were by far the most relaxed people to ever plan and partake in their own wedding! Seriously. This girl found her dress at the Salvation Army. Are you SERIOUS RIGHT NOW.

We instantly clicked, though having never met them. There was an abundance of plants and greenery, and it was my favorite! They cared about their people, and consciously spent time with those they loved (see grandpa pics at the end!!!) Gosh, I’m such a sucker for brides and their grandpas!!

All in all, it was as gorgeous as it was genuine. Simple as it was sweet. I ran to the bathroom mid-reception, and when I came everyone had toilet paper wrapped around their foreheads! I never found out why, but you know Will and I for SURE joined in. Enjoy scrolling. 





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Naples Botanical Garden Vintage + Boho Florida Wedding