So so beautiful! I adore the sunset portraits and the ones with their sweet pup <3

Oh my I just love this wedding! I’m really impressed at how the colors are so coherant, how you captured the joy and emotions of this fantastic day! Really a beautiful galery!
And great new website by the way! Love the simple but efficient design! It’s easy to navigate, clear,and pleasing to the eye 😉

I’m so proud of you and the way you capture the forever moments in your pictures! Truly you have a gift and eye of a seasoned photographer and at times I cry out of sheer joy when looking at them. No one will ever be disappointed in your work.

These photos are amazing. You truly capture the day with the most beautiful shots.

That first picture caught my attention. Love the movement you capture! Those moments are the ones people don’t wanna miss! Beautiful work, Ashtyn.



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